Your Website Is The First Impression Of Your Business

Is It A Good One?

Your Website Is The First Impression Of Your Business

Is It A Good One?

Leander Web Design – Locally Owned And Operated In Leander, TX

Why choose Leander Web Design?

Every year there are more local businesses in Leander, TX. This makes it hard to stand out from the competition especially against larger businesses.

We specialize in creating websites optimized for sales for small & medium-size businesses.

This means every website we design for our clients answers the question: “How do we attract more visitors to their sites and how do we convert them into paying customers?”.

Keep reading to find out how we do this.

Leander Web Design Will Optimize Your Site To Grow Your Business

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1) Why your website needs traffic

What good is a website if nobody can find it?

75% of people will never scroll past the first page on a Google search.  If your site is not ranking on the first page of Google, you are loosing customers.

We implement on-page and off-page SEO so you can be found easily by your potential customers.

2) Why your website needs to look professional and be user-friendly

Let’s say you’re getting a lot of traffic to your site but the look and experience are very poor (not mobile-friendly), your visitors will leave your site in the first two minutes and will go to your closest competitor.

This means your poor design could be costing you money.

We will design a user-friendly and professional-looking website that will give your visitors confidence in you and your business.

3) Why your website should compel your visitors to take action

Your website should answer the following question: “What do you want your visitors to do when they visit your website?”. 

If you optimize your site for a specific action this will increase the possibility of converting that visitor into a paying customer.

There are many actions you can optimize your site for. It could be optimized for visitors to watch a promo video, or to sign up for your newsletter, or to download a PDF, or to make an appointment or a purchase.

Depending on the type of business you have, we optimize it to reach your ultimate goal.

4) Why your site should have a sales nurturing system

Potential customers visit multiple websites before deciding who to do business with.

Your website should have a way to nurture these potential customers even after they leave your site to explore other options.

We nurture your potential clients via text-message sequences, email campaigns, Manychat, and other methods.

Check Out Our Web Design Prices

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    Nearly 50% of mobile users go with your competitor after a bad experience with your mobile site.

    Leander Web Design Services


    E-commerce Web Design and Development


    Logo & Brand Design


    Content Creation


    Secure WordPress Hosting


    On-Page and Off-Page SEO


    Custom WordPress Sites (from scratch)


    WordPress Sites Using Premium Themes


    Website Maintenance


    We would love to help you with your questions. If you can’t find your question(s) below, use the form at the bottom of the page to send us your inquiry.

    1) What is the turnaround time for a new web design?

    It really depends on the type of website you need.
    It could take anywhere from 1 to 5 months.

    If you need a simple 6-page web design, we can have it up and running in 1 month.
    If you need a more complex website or an eCommerce with multiple products we can deliver it in 2-5 months.

    2) Do you provide hosting service?


    It comes with:

    – SSL certificates.

    – Plugins for security.

    – Backups

    If your website breaks or gets hacked, we will have all the files needed to restore your site in no time.

    3) Will my site load fast?

    Yes. We will optimize your site to load fast.

    Statistics show that 40% of mobile web visitors will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

    Your business will be negatively impacted by a slow website.

    We will make sure your site meets Google standards.

    4) Will my site be mobile-friendly?

    Yes. All our designs are mobile-friendly.

    We take a mobile-first approach because according to Google, the majority of searches come from mobile devices.

    When it comes to the US, 63% of Google’s visits are via a mobile device.

    A mobile design is very important for your business and that’s why we take it seriously. 

    5) Will you train me on how to make changes to my site?

    Yes. We mainly use WordPress to build websites. We build them from scratch or using a premium theme.

    With WordPress, you will be able to make changes or add new pages and posts to your new site on your own.

    We will teach you how to do this.

    6) What types of businesses do you work with?

    We design websites for a broad range of company types in Leander and the surrounding area.

    B2B & B2C
    Small & Medium Enterprises
    …Just to name a few.

    7) What's the process to start working together?

    STEP 1) Discovery –

    We start with a no-obligation, 45-minute phone call to get to know you, your project, your needs, and your goals.
    Within 24 hours of the phone call, we’ll provide you with a quote and schedule a formal exploration video call.
    On the exploration call, we’ll gauge the complexity of your project, discuss design direction, and get more specifics.
    We’ll email you a project timeline and proposal.

    STEP 2) Content & Design-

    We begin to gather the pieces needed for your website. The content of your site, photos, text, video, graphics, etc is very important. These items transmit your message to your target audience and will be used to encourage them to take action.
    If you don’t have the written content ready, we have an in-house copywriter who can assist you. Remember each word and phrase should be strategically used to move your customer towards taking action. It’s not just information or fancy words to impress your audience, it should all have a purpose.
    The design team will begin to put all the pieces into place by designing you a user-friendly, sleek website.

    STEP 3) Drafts –

    We will send you the first draft. We’ll discuss any changes and go back to work.
    We will work with you until the final draft is approved. (The number of drafts and revisions allowed will be determined during the discovery stage.)

    STEP 4) Go Live –

    Once the final draft is approved, we’ll upload it and you’ll be ready to grow your business!

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