Ecommerce Design And Development In Leander, TX

Ecommerce Web Design And Development In Leander, TX

You can sell products all over the country without leaving Leander

That is the power of an E-Commerce business!

Our Ecommerce web design and development

Here in our Leander eCommerce agency, the two platforms we use to design and develop eCommerce sites are WordPress and Shopify. Throughout the years, these two platforms have demonstrated to be robust enough to handle thousands of transactions per month and at the same time flexible enough to allow owners to easily add more products to their site.

Every year almost $5 trillion is spent on eCommerce sites. This should give some perspective of this industry.

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    Leander web design will implement SEO specific to your Ecommerce

    Grow your eCommerce business through SEO

    SEO for eCommerce is a little different from local SEO. Local SEO is meant for local businesses to be found by people in the same community. Because the purpose of an eCommerce site is to sell products around the country and beyond, the SEO campaign has to be at a higher level. This makes the process of ranking on the first page of Google more complex. 

    That’s why it’s so important to have professionals managing your SEO campaign for your eCommerce business.

    We will implement the right campaign so your products can be found easily. 

    We Create Fast Loading Ecommerce Sites

    Almost 80% of shoppers say they will not return to a poorly performing eCommerce. Statistics show that almost 50% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. 

    We design and create eCommerce sites that are beautiful, efficient, and meet the loading speed standards.

    We Battle Cart Abandonment

    In our eCommerce agency in Leander TX, we battle cart abandonment

    Almost 70% of visitors will put your products into their carts but will not finish the transaction. This is called cart abandonment. Ecommerce businesses lose almost $20 billion in sales due to this problem. To fix this we implement a retargeting system to encourage your visitors to return and complete the purchase.

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